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Kansas Homeschooling

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Kansas 2012-2013 Homeschool Fact Sheet

Kansas College and Career Ready Standards (common core state standards)

Always check directly with the official Kansas Homeschooling section to verify information.

Apparent Requirements for all students not in public education:

It appears both traditional homeschooling and enrollment in online schools require the following.

The homeschool must be registered with the State Board of Education. It does not need to be registered again unless there is some change that needs to be updated. The homeschool instructor does not need to be a certified teacher or take any test to homeschool. Kansas only says that the teacher must be competent. There are no assessment testing requirements for homeschool students. Kansas uses the terminology “non-accredited private school” to describe a homeschool.

Application For Nonaccredited Private School Certificate


Kansas Homeschooling Achievement Testing: 

It appears the KSDE has no assessment requirements for homeschoolers, but you should check for updated requirements through the links above.

You may seek out national assessment tests if you would like to have your student(s) assessed for your private information. Online schools such as Southeast Academy and Western Christian Academy include CTB/McGraw-Hill’s Terra Nova annual achievement testing for 3rd-12th grades in their programs.

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