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Illinois Common Core State Standards

Always check directly with the official Illinois Homeschooling section to verify information.

Apparent Requirements for all students not in public education:

It appears both traditional homeschooling and enrollment in online schools require the following.

Language arts, mathematics, biological and physical sciences, social sciences, fine arts, and physical development and health must be covered.

Registration with the state is not required, but can be voluntarily done at the district level.

Drivers ed is available through local public schools to homeschoolers. Other public school classes might be available based on space.

It appears that homeschoolers are not structured to participate in most public school athletic programs.

It appears that a homeschool student will be evaluated by the district’s policy for grade placement if transferring to a public school.

Illinois Homeschooling Achievement Testing: 

It does not appear the state requires any achievement testing at this time.

Online private schools such as Southeast Academy and Western Christian Academy include CTB/McGraw-Hill’s Terra Nova annual achievement testing for 3rd-12th grades in their programs, but offer optional testing for 2nd grade.

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