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The links below to official Iowa homeschooling information were checked August 1, 2020. It is always best to directly read Iowa homeschooling information on the State of Iowa homeschooling or FAQ page, so you are getting current information!

Iowa Dept. of Education Website

Iowa Dept. of Education Homeschooling web page

Iowa Dept of Education Comparison of Three Types of Private Instruction (pdf)

It appears of the three types of private instruction in the pdf above that two types (2nd and 3rd) do not require a registration form if the student is not dual enrolled with a public school. It also appears the 1st type refers to a Iowa licensed teacher or program.

1. Competent Private Instruction: Option 1: By or under the supervision of a licensed practitioner.
2. Competent Private Instruction: Option 2: By a non-licensed person.
3. Independent Private Instruction.

Always check directly with the official Iowa Dept. of Education website to verify information. Even if some states may not require it, it is usually a good idea to let your last school know you will not be returning to avoid being counted as absent.

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