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Minnesota is only participating with English Language Arts in Common Core state Standards.

Always check directly with the official Minnesota Homeschooling section to verify information.

Apparent Requirements for all students not in public education:

It appears both traditional homeschooling and enrollment in online schools require the following.

For first time homeschoolers, a full report must be given to district superintendents; for every year after that, a Letter of Intent to Continue to Provide Instruction must be turned in to the district superintendent. The full report can be a form from Minnesota Department of Education or it can come in another format including electronic. The full report must contain the student(s) age 7-16 name, birth date, and address; name of each instructor; immunization records; testing information; and evidence of compliance with Minnesota statutes. Those statutes state that the instructor must be the parent/guardian or has a teaching license or baccalaureate degree or is being supervised by a licensed instructor. All forms must be turned in by October 1st or within 15 days of removing the student(s) from school.

Application For Public School Exemption Certifiate

Achievement testing must be done annually by homeschooled students. The test must be a national test that is agreed upon by the homeschool instructor and the resident district superintendent.

Minnesota Homeschooling Achievement Testing: 
Must test every year.
1. Test must be decided upon by both the homeschool instructor and local superintendent.
2. Minnesota Dept. of Education recommends but does not require either the Iowa Tests of Basic Skills or the Stanford Achievement Test
3. If another test is chosen including the Minnesota standardized assessments, it is at the expense of the home school.
4. Test results must be sent to the local school district

If a homeschool student is at or below the 30th percentile on an achievement test or is one grade level below other students his/her age, the homeschool instructor must obtain additional evaluation to see if the student has learning problems.

Online schools such as Southeast Academy include CTB/McGraw-Hill’s Terra Nova annual achievement testing for 3rd-12th grades in their programs, but offer optional testing for 2nd grade.  In this example, parents with 2nd graders will need to request testing from the school or use the school district’s option.

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