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South Dakota Common Core State Standards

Always check directly with the official South Dakota Homeschooling section to verify information.

Apparent Requirements for all students not in public education:

It appears both traditional homeschooling and enrollment in online schools require the following.

A simple application for public school exemption certificate is required to be sent/given to the local school district.  It is effective as soon as sent.  It requires two witness signatures to verify birth certificate of student or a certified copy of student birth certificate must be included.

Application For Public School Exemption Certificate

Achievement test results need to be provided to local school district for grades 2,4,8,11.

South Dakota Homeschooling Achievement Testing: 

Must test in grades two, four, eight, and eleven.
1. Test may be monitored by local school district
2. SAT10 test provided by the Department of Education  at no cost
3. If another test is chosen, it is at the expense of the home school.
4. Test results must be sent to the local school district

It appears the SDDOE requires that only the reading and mathematics portion of the Stanford Achievement Test (SAT10) be administered in grades 2, 4, 8 and 11, but you should check for updated requirements through the links above.

It appears other achievement testing is allowed besides the state proctored SAT10, but results have to be given to the local school district.  Online schools such as Southeast Academy and Western Christian Academy include CTB/McGraw-Hill’s Terra Nova annual achievement testing for 3rd-12th grades in their programs, but offer optional testing for 2nd grade.  In this example, parents with 2nd graders will need to request testing from either school or use the school district’s option.

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