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Always check directly with the official Wyoming Homeschooling section to verify information.

Apparent Requirements for all students not in public or charter education:

It appears both traditional homeschooling and enrollment in online private schools require the following.

Families need to meet some basic requirements. You can look at the Statues link above for exact wording, but the FAQ link above is the most helpful.

Each school district in Wyoming may have different procedures, so it is best to contact the superintendent’s office before the school year to make sure you do not miss something.

Overall, most districts in Wyoming require seven subjects for students: reading, writing, mathematics, civics, history, literature and science. You may want to ask the local school district how civics and history courses can be handled. You may also want to ask if these course requirements are only at certain grade levels.

Districts will require that curriculum information is submitted to their office. Enrollment in an established or accredited online school may make this easier.  It is important that you get a curriculum okay each year. It would be prudent to have a written approval of your curriculum from the district on hand.

Wyoming has a compulsory school attendance law for 7-16 year old children. They publicize how to report suspect homeschoolers that appear not in school, so enrollment in an accredited or established online school might provide extra protection for this situation. A school can provide additional documentation support if ever called into question from a disgruntled neighbor or someone that does not understand homeschooling.

It is important to call the superintendent’s office before changing to homeschooling or an online school. At the end of your conversation, make sure to ask if there is anything else you need to do. Some districts and situations may require you to go to the office in person to withdraw.

Ask your local school district office if achievement testing is required. 

Wyoming Homeschooling Achievement Testing: 

College entrance tests or job assessment tests are provided free for 11th and 12th grade homeschool students.

It does not appear that annual achievement testing is required at this time. However, you should check with your local school district!

Online schools such as Southeast Academy and Western Christian Academy include CTB/McGraw-Hill’s Terra Nova annual achievement testing for 3rd-12th grades in their programs, but offer optional testing for 2nd grade.

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